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Talcum powder is chemically hydrated magnesium silicate mineral. It is also known as steatite or soapstone. Talc is a very commonly used mineral in many industries. It has several applications. J & H Minerals Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most renowned talcum powder manufacturers in India. We supply high-quality talcum powder to our clients across the world. Our team of experts extracts Talc from deep talc mines. Talc lumps are generally softer than many other mineral lumps. We extract pure talc form some of the best mines in India, located in the northern parts of India or in Rajasthan.

Talc is used extensively because of its properties. However, different qualities of talc are available in the market. We are considered as one of the best talcum powder exporters in India because we supply top-quality, odorless talc. We Bentonite Suppliers India supply talc in a variety of intensities and sizes.

Features of our Talc

Brightness (%)Up to 99%
Particle Size500 Mesh to 15 Microns
Specific Gravity2.70
Tapped Density (gm/cc)0.38 to 0.5
Mohr's Hardness1.0
SiO261 to 63%
MgO30 to 32%
Al2O30.8 to 2%
Fe2O30.85 to 1.5%
CaOless than 1%
Loss on Ignition3 to 4%
pH Valuebetween 8 to 9

Applications of talc supplied by one of the finest talcum powder exporters in India!

Talc powder is used in a wide range of industries. Listed below are a few of the top uses of talcum powder:

Agricultural Industry

Talcum powder is used extensively in the agricultural industry. It plays a pivotal role in the efficient functioning of the fertilizer plants. It is also used for making some agricultural chemicals. Talc is used as a carrier for biofertilizers.

Cosmetics Industry

J & H Minerals, one of the most popular talcum powder manufacturers and Silica Sand Suppliers India in India supplies talc to many companies in the cosmetics industry. It is used for making several cosmetic products, including facial makeup products. Talcum powder is used to enhance the finish of the cosmetic items as well.

Plastic Industry

One of the most prominent uses of Talc is in the plastic industry. Many properties of talc, like, low abrasiveness, high resistivity, high lubricity and many more make it a perfect choice of the plastic industry.

Paint Industry

Talc has many applications in the paint industry. It is used for making paints and coatings. It is also used as a filler in various coatings. Talcum powder is used because it enhances the weather resistance of the paints and coats. It increases the durability of the paints and coatings.

Paper Industry

Talc is used in the paper industry to offer smoothness, porosity and opacity to paper. It also helps the paper industries to reduce their costs.

Food Industry

Talc powder has many properties that make it an ideal polishing agent. It is used for polishing pulses and rice.

Filler Master Batch

Talcum powder has a wide range of filler master batch applications. It offers superb mechanical strength and dimensional stability.

LLDPE, LDPE, HTPE & PP: It imparts tensile strength, and helps to reduce the wall thickness of finished products.

Lamination Tapes and Films: It enhances the heat resistance and dimensional stability.

Blow Molding and Injection Molding: Talcum powder is a perfect nucleating agent. It boosts the PLA crystallization.

Engineered and Automotive Plastic Compounds

Talcum powder offers shape retention properties. It improves the scratch resistance.

Reasons to buy talc from J & H Minerals!

  • We deliver pure talc powder with brightness from 80% to 98%.
  • Our team Feldspar Powder Exporters has designed a high-tech manufacturing center for manufacturing talc.
  • We supply talc in various sizes for different applications.
  • J & H Minerals, one of the leading talcum powder manufacturers in India offers a wide range of talc minerals, including Chlorite talc & Calcium, Termelothic, Microcrystalline, Macrocrystalline and more.
  • We supply highly transparent and lamellar talc.
  • Our high-quality talc improves the performance of the compound.
  • Talc depicts greater stiffness.
  • As one of the best talcum powder exporters in India offers, we supply talc with a shiny appearance.

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