Potash Feldspar Powder Exporters & Manufacturers

J & H Minerals Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading Feldspar powder exporters in the country. We have gained the reputation of being one of the topmost Feldspar powder manufacturers in the country due to a variety of reasons. Our Potash Feldspar powder is used extensively across the country, in different industries. We have been supplying a huge volume of the powder to several companies in the country. We have a dedicated team of Feldspar experts who leave no stone unturned to obtain and supply the best quality mineral to the clients. Therefore, we are recognized as one of the top preferences of the clients all over the country.

Feldspar Mineral

Feldspar is basically just a group of rock-forming tectosilicate minerals. It is considered that they make up almost 40% to 60% of the crust of the Earth. Therefore, they are one of the most popular minerals available in the country. They crystallize from magma in intrusive as well as the extrusive igneous rocks, as veins. Additionally, Feldspar can also be seen in a variety of metamorphic rocks. There are several uses and applications of Feldspars, therefore, J and H, one of the topmost feldspar powder exporters supply it to several companies. They are mostly used in the glass as well as the ceramics industries.

Feldspar Powder

J & H Minerals, one of the top Feldspar powder manufacturers offer good quality Feldspar Powder to the clients. The powder that we supply contains good quantity and quality of calcium, sodium, potassium as well as aluminum silicate. Our product is free from any adulteration with foreign material and is widely known for its accurate composition, utmost quality, efficient performance and adequate chemical properties.

There are a wide range of applications pf Feldspar powder as well as Feldspar lumps. As the demand of the powder and lumps is increasing, therefore, we are manufacturing high volume of the products to meet the requirements. We offer a wide range of variations of the products to make sure that the clients are able to find the product they exactly need for their use. Also, we offer customized services based on the interests and needs of the clients. To know more about the customized services, please feel free to contact our team.

Feldspar Lumps

Our company not only offers good quality Potash Feldspar powder, but also Feldspar lumps if needed. We have a wide range of good quality Feldspar lumps that could be used for several purposes. Our wide variety of the feldspar lumps is appreciated by several clients across the country. We use certified and top-quality raw material to make the products. Also, we have cutting-edge tools and machinery to make good quality products at a quick pace. We have Feldspar lumps and powder available in various specifications as per clients’ requirements. The offered range is widely appreciated for their reliability, purity and easy availability.


A few of the top features of Feldspar Powder include:

Reasonable Price of the Feldspar Powder

We focus immensely on the pricing of the products that we manufacture and supply. As one of the leading Feldspar powder exporters, we consistently make sure that the prices of the Feldspar powder is competitive. Our team analyzes the market conditions and sets the prices of the powder based on the market trends and analysis. Our main aim is to offer Feldspar the clients at the most suitable prices. Most of our clients purchase from us again and again and have a long-term partnership as they get good quality products at reasonable prices.

Quality Tested and Certified

One of the top benefits of buying Potash Feldspar powder from J & H Minerals is that we supply only the best quality powder to the clients. We have an experienced and expert team that procures top-quality Feldspar for the clients. We make sure that the Feldspar powder goes through multiple levels of quality checks before passing the final quality check. Only when the Feldspar powder qualifies and passes through all the quality checks, we supply it to the customers. We have a specifically dedicated quality team to maintain and upgrade the quality processes as required.

Effective Uses

As we mostly focus on the quality of the minerals that we supply, therefore, our products turn out to be very effective and efficient for the buyers. The clients are able to make the most of the Feldspar that they purchase from us. Feldspar has several uses in a wide range of industries, and the demand of the product is increasing quite rapidly. Hence, we, as a leading Feldspar powder manufacturers have the capacity to supply a good volume of the product if required.

If you want to know more about Feldspar, and other product that we supply or J & H Minerals, please feel free to contact our team.