Barite Powder Manufacturers in India

Barite Powder Manufacturers in India

Barite (BaSO4) powder is a chemical occurring barium sulphate compound with a granular nanostructure that occurs organically. Barite is mostlysuper snow white (SSW) in color or colorless. It is the main source of barium. Barite powder is insoluble in water and has a limited absorptivity for oil. Barite powder has a plenty of applications. It is usedfor making paint and plastics, ceramics, coating of automobile finishes, radiation-shielding cement, LED glass and much more.

J & H Minerals is one of the leading barite powder manufacturers in India. We Quartz Powder Exporters are known for wholesale distribution and supply of high-quality barite powder to industries across the country. As one of the trusted barite lumps exporters, we supply baritemade using high-quality raw material.

Specifications of Barite

  • Mineral: Barite (Baryte)
  • Formula: BaSO4
  • % BaO: 65.7
  • Color: White – Brown
  • SG: Up to 4.5

Barite supplied by us, one of the best barite minerals exporters has many uses:

  • One of the most popular uses of barite is in drilling muds. Many barite minerals exporters supply barite to various industries that use it for drilling muds.
  • Barite is used as a pigment in paints.
  • Barite is supplied to many papers, rubber and cloth making industries as it is used as a weighted filler.
  • It is used for making mud flaps for trucks.
  • Most of the barite powder manufacturers in India supply barite in high volume to the construction companies. It is used for making concrete and cement.
  • Barite is used extensively to for the oil extraction process.
  • It is also used for making many sports products, like tennis balls.

Barite at J&H Minerals Pvt Ltd

Baritefor Paint Industry

  • Barite Off color/ half White
  • Barite Snow White
  • Barite Extra Super Snow White

Baritefor Friction Industry

  • Barite Silica < 1%
  • Barite Silica < 3%
  • Barite Silica < 5%

Barytes for Oil Drilling Industry

  • Grey Barite SPG 4.0
  • Grey Barite SPG 4.1
  • Grey Barite SPG 4.2

Properties of Barite supplied by the trusted barite lumps exporters:

  • Barite is a clean and relatively soft mineral.
  • It has high specific gravity.
  • Barite is light in color, but is very bright.
  • Barite is an unreactive and intractable substance that cannot be broken down.
  • It is not toxic and non-reactive.
  • One of the most popular uses of barite because of its properties is as a filler and weighing agent.
  • It has high acid and alkali resistance.
  • Barite can act as a flux oxidizer, and decolorizer.
  • It offers higher clarity to the finished glasses.
  • Barite is known for its high inertia and excellent stability.

J & H Minerals is one of the most recognized barite lumps exporters of the country because we have extensive experience of supplying high-quality barite powder to many industries.

Reasons to buy barite from J & H Minerals, one of the best barite powder manufacturersin India:

  • We supply only high-quality, and tested barite to the industries. Our team constantly strives to enhance the quality of our services and products, as well as the efficiency of our operations.
  • We Feldspar Powder Exporters use cutting-edge technology to manufacture and supply barite powder.
  • We have earned a reputation of being one of the topmost barite minerals exporters because of our honesty, integrity, fairness, good quality and reasonable prices of the minerals.

Please feel free to contact us to know more about barite powder manufactured and supplied by us.