Soapstone Powder Manufacturers India

We, J&H Minerals, established ourselves as the best reputed soapstone powder manufacturers India. The range of products that we offer product includes of Quartz Stone, Mineral Soapstone and Natural Soapstone which are highly handled below the measured and precise conservational conditions. The given items have a high demand due to their widespread acceptance and acclaim. Through a wide-ranging amount of period, we are constantly been exporting some diverse kinds of minerals to the clients, along with a significant quantity of soapstone powder India. We provide our customers soapstone powder that are giving the status of good colour whiteness as well as a high degree of pureness. The soapstone powder is extensively utilised in a variety of sectors like plastics, rubber, detergents, latex; EVA, wire and newspaper; cosmetics; nutrition; pharmaceuticals, ceramics and so on.

For hundreds of years, mankind has already been mining soapstone. J & H Minerals is the greatest soapstone powder manufacturers India which comes with the crystalline calcium magnesium. These days soapstone powder is widely recognized for their rich shine and slippery texture are both appealing. It is important to note that the soapstone powder offered by us is totally clear of any contaminants. As we Bentonite Suppliers India offer outstanding smoothness and these powders do impart a lustrous finish to finished goods, which is one of the reasons why it is so highly sought after in the market. Being a leader of soapstone powder India these goods are praised for their precise formulation, efficacy, cleanliness, and extended storage life, among other characteristics.

Uses of Soapstone Powder India

A soft rock classified as soapstone is also called as Talc in the industry. They are often known in the form of talcum powder, which is a powdery version of the substance. Nevertheless, soapstone as just an innocuous filler that comes with extensive range of industrial applications, also be found in a variety of products such as cleansers, newspapers, paint, medications, and also few chocolates. Because of its exceptional tenderness, cleanliness, and gloss, as well as its high lubrication and concealing capacity, as well as it has the ability to absorb sludge, talcum powder is widely utilised. It is completely chemically stable and this is fantastic filler.

Some of the features of soapstone are mentioned below:


We manufacture a variety of Soapstone grades that are rated based on purity, cleanliness, colour, particle density, and surface preparation, all of which are customised to meet particular client requirements. Our Soapstone has a clarity of 99 percent and may be worn down to every size required. Because of the high concentration of Talc in soapstone, it is smooth and resilient, and then when handled, it seems like soap. The fact that it is both temperature and lightning resistive makes it an excellent material for use as an insulation for electronics and building elements. Soapstone is available in a variety of tints and patterns, dependent on the elemental composition, including green, black, grey, greyish blue, and others. Soapstone may be polished throughout the production process to give it a deeper, darker appearance. As a reliable soapstone powder India manufacturer and supplier, we Talc Powder Manufacturers India strictly adhere to overseas markets norms that allow us to provide excellent customer satisfaction, expenditure, and outstanding customer quality service worldwide.