Soapstone Powder Manufacturers India


J&H Minerals is one of the most reputed soapstone powder manufacturers in India. We supply Quartz Stone, Mineral Soapstone and Natural Soapstone to our clients all around the world. We manufacture a significant quantity of soapstone powder in India. Our soapstone powder is used widely in a variety of sectors like plastics, rubber, detergents, latex, EVA, newspaper, cosmetics, nutrition, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, agriculture, ceramics and many other industries.

More about soapstone powder in India

Soapstone powder is a white, grey, or pale green soft mineral. It has a slightly greasy appearance. It is considered as one of the softest minerals on the planet. We offer soapstone to many industries, at the most competitive prices.

Features of soapstone powder

  • Our soapstone powder is pure. It doesn’t have any adulterants.
  • We Barite Lumps Exporters offer soapstone powder at reasonable prices.
  • Our soapstone powder has low chemical reactivity.
  • Soapstone is processed with utmost care and precision.
  • It is insoluble in water.
  • Our soapstone powder is soft and soapy.
  • It has a greasy look.
  • Soapstone powder is hydrophobic.


  • SiO2: 60.90%
  • CaO: 1.00
  • MgO: 30.20%
  • Soapstone powder has 1 Mohs hardness.
  • It is thermally and electrically inert.
  • Soapstone powder can endure ~1300°C temperature.

J & H Minerals is one of the leading soapstone powder manufacturers India because we supply pure soapstone to the clients. Our soapstone powder is widely recognized for its rich shine and slippery texture. As a leading suppliers of soapstone powder India, we Bentonite Powder Manufacturers India are praised for our precise formulation. Our products are known for their efficacy, cleanliness, and extended storage life, other characteristics.

Uses of Soapstone Powder India

Ceramics Industry

Many ceramic manufacturers use soapstone as a reasonably priced filler for making ceramic tiles, sanitary wares, porcelain and many other ceramic products.

Paints and Coating Industry

Our soapstone powder is known widely because of its shine, and therefore, it is used for making many types of paints and coats.

Rubber Industry

We Silica Sand Suppliers India supply soapstone powder to many rubber manufacturers as well. It is used as a compounding material in the rubber industry. It prevents the sticking of rubber molds.

Personal Care and Cosmetics Industry

Soapstone powder has non-irritant, anti-bacterial, and non-allergic characteristics. It is used to make many cosmetics and personal care products.

We supply high-quality soapstone!

There are many varieties of soapstone in the market, rated based on purity, cleanliness, color, particle density, and surface preparation. Our soapstone has a clarity of 99 percent. It is smooth and resilient. Temperature and lightning resistiveness make it an excellent material for use as an insulation for electronics and building elements. Soapstone is available in a variety of tints and patterns, dependent on the elemental composition.

Other Industries

Soapstone is used in the plastic industry, construction industry, pharmaceuticals, glass and many other industries as well.

Soapstone may be polished throughout the production process to give it a deeper, darker appearance. As a reliable supplier of soapstone powder in India, we strictly adhere to overseas markets norms.

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