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Barite Minerals Exporters

J & H Minerals is one of the leading Barite Minerals exporters in the country. We have a especially dedicated team of experts that procure and supply the best quality barite mineral to the clients. Therefore, we are recognized as one of the topmost Barite lumps exporters of the country. We constantly strive to obtain the top-notch quality Barite mineral from the vendors as one of the most reliable barite powder manufacturers.

We rigorously implement new strategies and plans to improve the quality of the products. Our team constantly strives to improve performance of every product by pioneering innovation technologies. Also, we keep a close eye on the new technologies and understand and implement them as soon as we can to produce better outcomes as a leading Barite minerals exporters and Barite lumps exporters in India.

Barite Mineral

Barite mineral is very well recognized for the extensive range of colors. It is also known for its varied crystal forms and habits; hence, it has several applications. Barite mineral, supplied by one of the leading Barite minerals exporters is an extremely popular mineral due to a variety of reasons. However, it is not very tough to identify this mineral. In fact, the collectors are able to quickly and smoothly identify it as it is heavier in weight as compared to a plenty of other minerals that are lighter than this mineral.

It is basically a colorless or slightly white mineral in appearance. Barite mineral is used extensively in several industries, like paper, glass, paint, rubber, barium manufacturing, oil drilling and several others. The mineral can be easily obtained in a wide range of sizes and dimensions, as per the requirements of the clients. J & H Minerals, one of the most popular Barite minerals exporters in the country supplies the mineral in several shapes and sized as per the requirements of the clients.

Barite Lumps

We have gained the reputation of being one of the leading Barite lumps exporters in the country as we have been supplying good quality Barite lumps from a very long time. The Barite lumps that we supply are first checked on several quality parameters before reaching the end user. Our team strives constantly to bring the minerals up to the standard of Industrial demand. Along with the strong manufacturing capability, our team is capable of exporting Barite lumps in a variety of packages as per the lumps or as per the requirements of the clients.

Barite Powder

Barite powder is used across the country and it has several applications. J & H Minerals is known as one of the most reliable Barite powder exporters in the country. As, we have been supplying good quality powder to a wide range of clients from a long period of time. The Barite powder is used for several industrial purposes, including rubber and battery, printing ink, plastic, fillers of powder coating and several others. Also, it is used as a glass refining agent to eradicate the bubbles and boost the glossiness. Barite powder is also found helpful in making the protective wall coverings for anti-radiation. It has several applications in the chemical and construction industries as well as the oilfields.


Here’re a few of the top reasons to buy Barite mineral from J & H Minerals:

Super Fine Quality of Quartz Minerals

With unmatched perfection and super fine quality minerals, the company caters the requirements of the Minerals industry. We have a huge client base spread which keeps expanding as we supply fine quality minerals to the clients, being one of the leading quartz exporters and quartz grits exporters in the country. We use smart quality processes to ensure that only certified and top-quality products reach the customer. Our team constantly tests the quality of the minerals to make sure that we export only valuable Barite minerals as one of the topmost preferred Barite powder exporters and Barite lumps exporters in the country. Also, we keep upgrading our quality checks to make sure that only certified and top-quality minerals reach the customers. We also test the raw material used to procure and supply the minerals, if any.

Competitive Pricing of the Minerals

Apart from making sure that we supply only good quality mineral to the client, we also make sure that we supply minerals at the most reasonable prices. Our team studies the market trends related to the Barite mineral and strategizes the costs of the Barite powder and lumps. We strive to offer the top-quality Barite mineral at the most suitable cost to the buyer so that the buyer is able to make the most of the minerals purchased from us. We can also offer customization services based on the specific requirements of the clients. Our team can understand your mineral requirements and can offer plan to provide the best products and services at the most competitive prices possible. We can also offer guidance and assistance for buying minerals. Please feel free to contact our team of experts to know more about the minerals that we supply, including Barite Mineral.